Crafting Dreams, Weaving Wonders: Unleash Your Artistry in Our Handicraft Competition!


"Transform, Transcend, Triumph: Unleash Your Inner Hero in Our Epic Cosplay Competition!"


"Unleash your creativity and bring your imagination to life in our Sketch/Cartoon Art Competition – where every stroke tells a story!"


"Unleash your creativity and engineering prowess in the ultimate model-making showdown where innovation meets precision."


"Harmonizing efficiency and precision, our circuit design orchestrates seamless synergy between components for optimal performance."


Do you have a talent wating to be discovered? This is your chance to show the world what you have !


Level Up Your Skills, Conquer the Challenge: Unleash the Gamer in You at Our Epic Gaming Competition!


Quiz Quest: Unleash Your Knowledge, Ignite Your Intellect! Join the Challenge and Let Your Brilliance Shine!


"Bridging innovation and sustainability, our design spans the future with elegance and resilience."


Join the Beat, Seize the Mic – It's Time for the Ultimate Rap Battle Showdown!


Capture the Moment, Ignite the Imagination: Join Our Photography Competition and Frame Your Vision!


Conquer Ultimate Battle of Steel and Circuitry in our Robo War Competetion !

“Nritya Drishti”

Dance to the Rhythm of Your Dreams: Step into the Spotlight at Our Spectacular Dance Competition!


Let Your Voice Soar and Hit the High Notes. Unleash Your Inner Star in Our Singing Competition!

"Street Battle”

Step into the Spotlight, Move to the Beat: Unleash Your Rhythm at the Ultimate Street Battle Dance Competition!


"In the symphony of words, hearts resonate as verses dance in a poem recitation competition."

"GCU Software Hackathon"

"Unleash your coding prowess and compete in a battle of algorithms to conquer the programming realm."


"In the silent echoes of broken promises, the stage unfolds the poignant drama of love, loss, and the relentless pursuit of redemption."


"Unleash innovation and conquer challenges in our cutting-edge competition that fuels creativity and excellence."


"Endurance whispers through each step, as the marathon unfolds in a symphony of determination and grit."

“Rhetoro Rumble”

Speak Your Mind, Unleash Your Voice: Join the Debate, Where Ideas Clash and Perspectives Flourish!


"Unleash your coding prowess and compete in a battle of algorithms to conquer the programming realm."