Join Us For An Amazing A Learning A Developing Experience


Get ready to set the streets ablaze with your electrifying moves! We're calling all dance warriors to join the urban battlefield where rhythm meets raw energy.
The stage is set, the battle is on – ARE YOU READY TO OWN THE STREETS !?

Event Date : 1st February, 2024
Time : 3 PM onwards
Venue: GIMT lobby
Eligibility :   There will be 2 (two) Categories :
  • Category 1 -- Under 13 years age.
  • Category 2 -- 14 to 26 years age group.
Registration Fee :
  • Category 1 -- Rs 100/- for under 13 group.
  • Category 2 -- Rs 150/- for 14 to 26 group.
Prize Money :
• Category 1 (for under 13 group) :
  1 st Prize: INR 1200
  2 nd Prize: INR 800
• Category 2 (for 14 to 26 group) :
  1 st Prize: INR 1500
  2 nd Prize: INR 1000

Let the Rhythm
be your
Guide !


Rule 1



Rule 2

A valid age proof document will be mandatory.

Rule 3

One should not ask to join a crew.

Rule 4

Dress should be decent for the battle.

Rule 5
Any sort of inappropriate activities (violent touching, slang signs,etc) by the participant will lead to his/her elimination.
Rule 6
In the first round, there will be a solo performance of 1 to 2 minutes by the participants where they can perform in the songs or music they chose. After completion of the round, some participants will be selected based on their performance and proceed to the next round.
Rule 7
The battle will be free style dancing battle but the moves or steps should not be repeated.
Rule 8

The battle will go on until the final winner and runners up are declared.

Registrations open !!!

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