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Nritya Drishti

Dazzling rhythms, mesmerizing movements, and captivating expressions converge at Nritya-Drishti, where the stage transforms into a canvas of dynamic choreography. Witness the fusion of tradition and innovation as talented dancers from across the globe compete in a symphony of motion, bringing to life the spirit of Nritya-Drishti – where every step tells a story and every gesture paints a vibrant picture. Join us for a spellbinding dance spectacle that transcends boundaries and celebrates the diverse beauty of movement in this exhilarating competition!

“Nritya Drishti” in Collaboration with Xtreme Dance Factor, Maligaon Chariali, Guwahati.

Event Timing: 1:00- 4:00 PM

Event Date: January 30th, 2024

Any Dance Form

Age: 13+

Registration: Rs. 150 for Solo Dance

                       Rs. 100 per member for Group Dance 

Group Dance maximum members allowed: Five


Rule 1

The participants can dance to any song or musical piece of their choice.

Rule 2

There is no restriction on any dance forms.

Rule 3

Solo performance maximum time is 3 minutes.

Rule 4

Group performance maximum time is 5 minutes.

Registrations open !!!

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