Join Us For An Amazing A Learning A Developing Experience


Embrace the drama, embrace the applause, and let your story unfold in the most spectacular way imaginable! The spotlight is calling – will you answer? 

Event date: 1 February  2024
Time: 10 am to 2 pm
Venue: Auditorium(Girijananda Chowdhury University campus)
Qualification: Diploma to PG
Joining Fees: Rs. 500/-
Prize Details

  •  Best Drama- Rs. 5000/-
  • Second Best Drama- Rs. 3000/-
  • Best Actor- Rs. 1000/-
  • Best Actress- Rs. 1000/-
  • Contact: Mahesh Das (9954981724), Pritam Pandit(9085930234)


Rule 1
Registrations can be done ONLINE as well as OFFLINE. However online registered teams should come at the Registration Desk to register for their final slot on the day of the event.
Rule 2
Each member of the teams should bring their own College ID Cards, without which registration will not be accepted.
Rule 3
Reporting time for the participating groups is 10 am on the day of the event.
Rule 4
1) From each college only one team can participate.
2) A group should consist of minimum 4 members and maximum of 10 members.
Rule 5
1) Drama Script should be given before hand during the time of registration.
2) The play can be either in Assamese, Hindi or English.
Rule 6
1) Costumes and make-up items if required must be brought by the teams. Only chairs, tables and Benches will be provided.
2) Usage of fire/water/smoke is not allowed.
Rule 7
1) The maximum duration of the play is 30 minutes and minimum duration is 15 min from Curtain to curtain.
2) There will be a warning alarm, 10 minutes before the final alarm.

Registrations open !!!

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