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The stage pulsates with nervous energy as spotlights pierce the darkened auditorium. A sea of faces, painted with vibrant enthusiasm, waits with bated breath. In moments, the air will crackle with electricity as costumed creations, born from love and meticulous craft, take center stage.

Event date: 31 January 2024
Time: 10 am onwards
Venue: Open Ground (Girijananda Chowdhury University campus)
Age: Open for all
Registration Fees: Rs. 200/-

Prize Details:

  • Best Performer- Rs. 3000/-
  • Second Best Performer- Rs. 2000/-

Prize Pool of ₹5k+ for each category awaits.

  • Contact: Mahesh Das (9954981724), Pritam Pandit(9085930234)


Rule 1

Can cosplay anything you want.

Rule 2

No costumes that are too revealing are allowed.

Rule 3

Dress should be covered at least 60% of your body.

Rule 4

No sharp things/ weapons are allowed.

Rule 5

No inflammable materials are allowed.

Registrations open !!!

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