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Gaming Competition

Dive into the heart of intense competition at our upcoming gaming event! Brace for epic battles, strategic showdowns, and the thrill of victory. Join us for a high-octane celebration of gaming excellence, where champions emerge and unforgettable moments unfold. Get ready for a gaming spectacle that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

    1. Single Player
      1. FIFA (Single Player)
    2. Multiple Player
      1. Valorant
      2. BGMI
    3. Eligibility:   Open for All
    4. Prize Money:   Event prize money upto INR 12000 + .         
    5. Registration Fee: Per game per person is INR 100
    6. Rules and Technical Specification: Participants should carry their own controller and devices to the venue.
    7. Rules: For BGMI participants can play from anywhere(online mode)
      Contact: Mrinmoy Jyoti Das( 8876967739) Fahim Walee Ahmed(7896909161) Asfakur Nariz(8638899505)

Registrations open !!!

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