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[ Clash of the Circuit Gladiators ]

Calling all visionary engineers, master builders, and tech enthusiasts! Unleash your Steel Warriors and Join the Ultimate Robot Battle - Your Metal Legacy Awaits You !

Event Date : 31st January, 2024
Time : 11 AM onwards
Venue: GCU lobby
Eligibility :
  • Diploma (Engineering),
  • Under Graduate (Science & Technology),
  • Post Graduate (Science & Technology).
   (Need Valid Institute Identity Card)
Team Members : 2 to 4 (each team should have one team leader for communication)
Registration Fee : INR 300 to be paid on the day of the event.
Prize Money :
  1 st Prize: INR 11000
  2 nd Prize: INR 7000
  3 rd Prize: INR 5000

May the bolts
be ever in your


Rule 1

Each team consists of two to four members. Each team must have a team leader.

The team leader is the person responsible for communication.

Rule 2

Each round of the competition will be a knockout round of 6 minutes divided into two 3 minutes battle
ground in which two teams will engage in a head-to-head battle.

Rule 3

To win:

1) Immobilize opponent’s robot for 30 seconds.

2) Score points by damaging or pushing it out of the battlefield.

3) Place the robot in the central circle of the arena (maximum score)

Rule 4

Once the competition starts, robot must move (at least 1 inch) within 30 seconds, else the robot will be
flagged immobilized and will lose the match by knockout.

Rule 5

The robot is considered out of the

ring if every part of it crosses the defined area/battlefield boundary. A
robot whose body is hanging off the boundary of the battlefield is not considered out of the battlefield. 

Rule 6

All judgments rendered by the Referee regarding whether a robot has lost the Battle or a round is
complete, will be final and should not be appealed for justification or discussion.

Registrations open !!!