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Rhetoro Rumble
( Clash of Arguments )

Step into the arena of intellect and let your words ignite the stage! We invite the brightest minds and the most eloquent speakers to join our Debate Battle 2024. Are you ready to debate your way to glory?

Event date: 31st January, 2024
Time: 9:30 am onwards
Venue:  Room no. 408

Registration fee: Rs. 200 per team

Eligibility Criteria: 11th class onwards

Artificial Intelligence will replace human intelligence in the future.

ভবিষ্যতে কৃত্ৰিম বুদ্ধিমত্তাই মানৱ বুদ্ধিমত্তাক প্ৰতিস্থাপন কৰিব

Prize Money:

  • Best Debating Team: Rs. 4000
  • Best Debater: Rs. 2000

For more details contact:

  • Dr. Nilakshi Goswami ( 8638166313 )
  • Prithvi Narayan Sinha ( 9864010757 )
  • Dr. Abhinav Sarma ( 8638750079 )
  • Dr. Kamal Das ( 7002772214 )



Rule 1

Each team will comprise two members.

Registrations open !!!

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